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Articles and Essays

The difficulty with defining women

"Gender serves a limited purpose for women in our current society. By identifying as women, we are able to recognise and dismantle the patriarchy; but, in the long term, what purpose does gender serve?"

An adventure into the bush

"With my long armpit tresses came ample opportunities. I very much enjoyed whipping out my hairy pits at parties and watching people’s reactions."

My Experience Being a Black Woman in Jordan

"However, the year abroad isn’t just the best time of your life, it can also be the worst time of your life, too – especially when you are the only black student in your cohort studying in the Middle East."

Written Interview with Nadya Okamoto

"The language we use when fighting to end period poverty is very important because it makes it more difficult for non-binary people to access the products and healthcare they need.”

At the Intersection

"When I was around 12/13 and in a textiles shop a white man came up to me, asked where I was from and said ‘you are very beautiful for a Sri Lanka girl, most of them are ugly.’"

A guide to contraception

"Are you willing to use hormonal contraception? If you are, are you prepared for the side effects?

Are you good at remembering to take medication, switch patches, change your ring?"

Why we should question the tradition of marriage

 "The notion of marriage is an old tradition which was originally created to establish a man’s ownership of a woman."

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