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Who we are

Annabel (she/her)

 I'm a feminist who wants to express my daily frustrations, pivotal life experiences and advice that I've collected along my journey as a woman and as a feminist. I wish to share my views on feminism and what I think it means today, as well as learn more about it in the process. Feminism has helped me enormously and has made me a stronger and better person. As Roxane Gay put it “my voice was stolen from me and feminism helped me to get it back” so I hope it does the same for you as it has done for so many of us. It doesn't matter whether your first step in becoming a feminist is by reading this paragraph, I just hope that you too will gain an insight into the struggles we have faced, rendering you a better feminist, and if you are not a feminist, maybe even one day call yourself one. Being a feminist is being part of a beautiful growing community and I feel so proud to belong to such an important movement.


Phoebe (she/her)

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This platform is important to me because I firmly believe an investment in women is an investment in our future. I need feminism because without it I will never be able to reach my full potential. My articles and posts are driven from a very personal place. My aim is to help people to understand the struggles women undergo in everyday life. If you have a moment, take a look at what we have written and if you are interested in the issues we raise then let us know. It is okay not to be able to empathize or to not understand, the important thing is to read and educate yourself.

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